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Allow Me To Enlighten You

My name is Ayanna Nicole, and I have been studying the Tarot, conducting readings, and channeling spiritual guides for nearly a decade. The Enlightened Path Tarot was created to aid others in discovering their own ever present spiritual paths.

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My Mission & Purpose

As a professional Medium, my goal is, and has always been, to be an open conduit for the Universal messages that would enlighten my clients. My motto: You ask. Spirit answers.  I work with a variety of spiritual elements that include using my own highly sensitive Piscean intuition and the channeling of both my own and my clients' spiritual guides. I am also an Empath, and therefore able to tune into my clients emotional and mental vibrations quite easily. My work as a Lightworker, Medium and Tarot Reader are major parts in my own life experience, and it is a great privilege to use my gifts to service those around me. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to connect with others and grow. Let's create something amazing together!

(770) 765-2506

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