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Still not sure whether a reading is right for you or not? Well, take a look at what clients are saying about the Enlightened Path. *ALL TESTIMONIES HAVE BEEN POSTED ANONYMOUSLY TO PROTECT MY CLIENTS' PRIVACY.*


October 2019


I had 2 readings with you.  The first was September 2019, the 2nd the very end of October 2019.


Both were the lovers reading about me and the same person. 


The first reading was insightful but I was still hurting over the end of a soul connection.  So I wasnt quite ready to accept what our spirit guides were telling me.


I continued to watch posted videos for more messages.  That combined with the second reading and me beginning to heal, I was more receptive and I truly feel this time our guides provided more details about the possibility of us both healing and coming back together. 


Ayanna is the real deal.  I have to say I said nothing about another woman but she picked up on that energy in the first reading. 


Thank you so much.  I do have more clarity and feel hopeful about MY future. 


October 2019


I felt a lot calmer after my phone session. It was healing to receive clarity. I’m excited to see what my outcome will be.


October 2019


I purchased a clarity reading in 10/19. I was nervous at first was but quickly was blown away by how much she new even though I gave her no information about me, besides my name and sign of course. I’m overall happy with my reading and amazed with the messages that came with it, will definitely book again soon!


November 2019




Wow, you are awesome!!! I’m lucky to have found you. Thank you so much for my readings. This is actually my 4th one from you on November 17, 2019. You have given me so much insight on anything I was in the dark about and have opened my eyes to so many things about my life and gifts. Each time I’ve had a reading, everything has been revealed in many ways.. I love how you tell it like it is no matter what. Scorpios love that! Looking forward to my next reading. I appreciate all that you do. Thank you!


January 2020


Hi Ayanna! I had a reading with you on Sunday, January 12th. Just updating you as it has been 4 days, and I immediately took heed to the things you said, and literally everyday the message is being clarified more and more. Thank you again! You definitely have a returning customer. ️


October 2020


It was about a year ago I got my first reading from you.  You picked up on my situation and said I would be still dealing with it a year later.  And you were so right!


You also said the woman my TF left me for was a temporary situation.  He's still with her. I kept allowing myself to get sucked back in. But I have finally decided to put me first.  It hurts but I am ok. 


I just wanted you to know I always felt a connection to you as a reader and spiritual conduit.