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Spirit's Introduction

With Jupiter having entered the sign of Scorpio on the 10th of this month, many of us are experiencing immense changes within our lifes and surrounding enviroments. This is due to Jupiter being the gaint game changing planet. Nicknamed “King Midas”, Jupiter brings with it the gifts of good luck, personal growth, and prosperity. Don’t you just love Jupiter now that you know this? And with all these blessing in tow, one would think that Jupiter is just the easy going, and quite generous, life of the party amongst all of the other planets, right? Well the truth of the matter, is that the gaint planet of luck and fortune brings with it mind blowing expansion, as well. This expansion could be in our intellect, relationships, and even our spiritual perspectives; better known as Enlightenment.

                Enlightenment or better known as a powerful, and sometimes sudden, increase in conscieness introduces itself in varies ways. For many the introduction can be either exilerating, or down right baffling. Whether you begin to see numeric synchronicities or you start to have more lucid dreams, the changes will be evident. Some changes can be so irrational, that you might even think you’ve fallen completely off your rocker. Alas good friend, you are not alone! Since Jupiter’s recent relocation, Ive found more and more of my friends and clients experiencing various symptoms of Enlightenment. Some are establishing better communication with their spirit guides. While others have begun to further develop their natural pyschic gifts (readers, clairvoyants, etc.). Yes, the development of pyschic gifts is, indeed, apart of Enlightenment, ladies and gentlemen. However, that’s a discussion for a whole other blog post. Therefore I digress……

                Numeric sychronicities seem to be one of the most common symptoms of Enlightenment. Reports of individuals spotting 11:11, 5:55, 777, etc. etc.  can be found all over the Internet in various forums and blogs. My “theory” as to why this happens is simple. Our spirits guides are always with us; from our entering the physical experience through our births to our exiting through our deaths. However, it is not until we become more in tune with our higher selves that we become acutely aware of their presence. When such a shift happens, our guides begin the process of increasing communication. Numeric synchronicities are a simple way of getting our attention. For instance, if one randomly sees “444” nearly everyday for a week, eventually they will notice the pattern and begin to wonder why they are seeing this number sequence repeatly. Research via a simple Google search such as “seeing 444 repeatly” will reveal to them that “444” is a message that informs us that they are presently on the right path in Life and are being fully supported by the Universe. Ah ha! Thus starts the process of communication with our spirit guides.

                What follows next can be a variety of experiences ranging from hearing messages through radio/television broadcast to randomly seeing bill boards or signs that mysteriously answer questions that we’ve been silently pondering. Ive even had a client relay a story to me about her meeting a perfect stranger at Starbucks and having what she called “the conversation of a lifetime”. The possibilities through which our spirit guides can communicate are endless. Our work is not to determine which method they will use on any given day. Instead, we should focus our energies on merely being receptive to the messages coming in.

                But how does one begin to cultivate a relationship with their spirit guides? The answer is simple, my friend. By simply asking questions and listening for responses that resonate with ourselves, we begin the process of bridging the gap in communication. Here’s a simple exercise that I utilize quite often when I am in need of answers. The next time you lose an item, stop and ask aloud for your guides’ assistance in locating the missing thing. Next wait quietly for any new thoughts regarding the missing item to occur. You may even feel as if the information is coming in from an unseen source around you. Ive used this method to locate objects since I was a child. To many around me I am know as the women who rarely permanently looses anything. This method helps us practice active listening and the tuning of ourselves into the guidance around us. It is with practice that we learn how to effortlessly receive the messages that our spirit guides are offering to us everyday.

                So with all this said, I now pose these questions: Are you tapped in and tuned in to the frequency of receiving messages from YOUR spirit guides? Do you know if you are on the right path in Life?  Are you currently fulfilling your soul’s mission? If you’ve answered “No” to any of this questions, you've got some work to do, my friend. The good thing is you aren’t alone and help is literally over your shoulder waiting to be of service. So what are you waiting for?  Today is as good of a time as any to build one of the most important relationships you’ll ever have in this physical experience called Life. Now let’s get started, shall we?                                                                          

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